Sunday, November 7, 2010


A Yucca plant pushes its way through the ash along the trail behind the church.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The fire in Salina

The Four Mile Canyon Fire burned into our community and destroyed five homes, the fire station, and numerous outbuildings. Other homes were damaged and most of the trees up the hillside between Salina and Sunshine are gone.

The fire came close to the home of Patti and Rob, and one of the first things Patti did after returning was sew the most unique thank you sign in the canyon. There are many people to thank for saving so many homes, and for helping us rebuild our lives!

The Little Church in the Pines and the Salina Schoolhouse still stand, but the fire burned the school's outhouse that we had converted into a modern convenience with a toilet and sink. Thank you to all those who made an "Outhouse Offering" - we now have a new bathroom!

Hiking the church trail. Saturday, September 18th

                The fire burned a back corner of the Hubbard house roof.
                        386 Gold Run Road, just below the church.

            The church outhouse and church were saved by the firefighters.

                            Looking down on Salina from the trail.
          The pretty yellow home untouched by the fire is 315 Gold Run.

The remains of the homes at 270 and 300 Gold Run are in the foreground.
                       All the homes across Gold Run were spared.

                     The remains of the old Good Hope mine building.

Saturday, September 18th

Peter was trapped at his home on Salina Mountain Road (off Melvina Hill Road) and stayed to fight the fire with his son, Pierce. Solar power allowed them to pump water and save a small circle of trees around the home.

View of the burned Emancipation Hill taken from 173 Gold Run Road, a home on the hill at the junction of Four Mile Canyon and Gold Run Road.

Friday, September 17th at Summerville

The old hotel at 1627 Gold Run where Tommy and Verushka lived. The Summerville sign that stood in front is also gone.

Across the street from the old hotel, everything looks normal in the camp, but the hills are black in the distance.

The historic cabins at 1488 Gold Run are gone.

Bob and Melissa spent years restoring and refurbishing the historic home at 1448 Gold Run, the first house on the lower end of Summerville. They were almost finished before the fire.

The view looking down Gold Run Road in front of 1448 Gold Run. Black at the top, brown in the middle, green at the bottom.

Thursday, September 16th

The remains of the home of Chantal, Matson, and children at 365 Gold Run. They joined our community in 2007. Big Horn Mountain is burned in the distance.

Russell's belongings burned in the shed below Eric and Michelle's barn. Russell has lived in Salina since 1960.

The old horse corral burned below Ann and Robert's (204 Gold Run). The mailboxes for 173 and 175 Gold Run still stand at the upper edge, but the mail inside was singed.

"Big Birdie", a burned raven, is being fed by Peter at his home on Salina Mountain. (Update: Big Birdie is gone.)

Wednesday, September 15th

Julie's home at 270 Gold Run Road, in the center of our community, burned. Her beautiful wildflower garden in the front yard remains. Julie moved to Salina in 1975.

David's home at 300 Gold Run Road, next to Julie's, burned. David bought this home the year it was built, in 1994.