Sunday, September 19, 2010

The fire in Salina

The Four Mile Canyon Fire burned into our community and destroyed five homes, the fire station, and numerous outbuildings. Other homes were damaged and most of the trees up the hillside between Salina and Sunshine are gone.

The fire came close to the home of Patti and Rob, and one of the first things Patti did after returning was sew the most unique thank you sign in the canyon. There are many people to thank for saving so many homes, and for helping us rebuild our lives!

The Little Church in the Pines and the Salina Schoolhouse still stand, but the fire burned the school's outhouse that we had converted into a modern convenience with a toilet and sink. Thank you to all those who made an "Outhouse Offering" - we now have a new bathroom!


  1. I knew that the church and the schoolhouse were still standing, but I drove by yesterday (9/18/10) to see for myself... and, yes, they look great. But the fire damage elsewhere is devastating. Thank you for posting info and photos for those of us who care about the Salina community.

  2. Thank you Marti. I have been afraid to go to the Apple tree and mine. Now I know what I'll see. It's devastating what this fire did.

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